Road Kill project part 3


It has been an interesting week.   Had some computer issues, but I think I am up and running once again.

Yesterday my boss was kind enough to let us work a little over a 1/2 day.  Came home went to lunch my hubby.  Came back and I thought I would play with my project.  So I started to work on my cart.  I grabbed the handle and 1 big wheel and started to sand.  So I sat on my nice comfy chair on the deck, Scooter settled in by the corner to play watch dog and let the wind blow through his hair.  When I flipped the handle over, noticed wording.  It was pretty faded but it looked to say – Patented 5-28-1918.  So I Stopped what I was doing and went to the computer.  Could this thing be worth anything?  In all honesty it is in very sad shape plus I already messed with the top.  In my small research that I did it is made by  Paalman Furniture Company which is or was in Grand Rapids MI.  It is a Tea trolley cart.  This cart also had a tray that was glass and wood.  Which A I did  not know about and B it was not on the cart when I found it.  If this was in 1/2 way good condition this could be worth $100 to $1200.  But could go for a realistic price of $300 to $600.  Who would have thought I found a piece of furniture that is almost 100 years old.  Not sure what I am going to do with it at the moment, I don’t think it is worth anything but I will do some more research.  I did find a couple of pictures on the web to show what it looked it in good condition – with the glass n wood tray as well.  Pretty nice to what I found.  We shall see what happens now.




  1. Hi, I was given a Tea Trolly Cart many years ago from an elderly lady (in her eighties at the time) and she said it belonged either to her mother or grandmother, which I can’t remember. Eleven years ago I moved and gave it to a friend to display at her home. She recently gave it back to me but it doesn’t really go with my decor anymore. I was researching myself this week to see if it’s worth anything. It had a paper sticker on the bottom that said ” Paalman Furniture Company” Grand Rapids, Michigan, but the other info on it has faded away, so I don’t know the model number or date which would be helpful in finding its worth. Tomorrow I will inspect it more in the daylight to see if I find the patented info you were able to discover. Would you be able to tell me the website that you found that gave you the information with possible prices of your tea cart? My cart still has the glass top tray, but unfortunately, my x-husband refinished it and I believe that lessens the value of a vintage piece. Thank you, dori

    • Hi Dory!

      I Goggled Paalman Furniture Company. Scanned a few website. Here are 2 of them:, There is another I will see if I can find it, but my computer crashed after I posted about my find so some of my websites I lost that I found info.

      There is not a lot of info out there as far as how to find what it is worth, or I should say not sure where to look for it. I am still researching this myself. I know a person that makes furniture and I am waiting to talk to him and ask if there is a good spot or if he knows. You are correct that it does lessen the value that it was refinished. So I know what I have done, I did lessen the value. I made a promise to my hubby that I would research things before I touch it now!

      So far that I know of people paid about $75 to $100 for it – good condition as well – in my findings. You would have to chat with some that deals with vintage items to know where to sell to get the value of it. If I find out more information I will share.

      Good luck!


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