Happy Wednesday!

It’s been a while since I last posted. Lots of things changing. I recently found a local store that is looking for local artist to showcase their work. So I have been getting ready and dropped off a few things last week. An I am now ready to drop off a few other things there as well. This weekend in Crystal Lake they are having a Johnny Apple Seed market. The store is also located in Crystal Lake, hoping for the best that this store will get some foot traffic!

Well off to work on some projects and I will post pictures soon. In the mean time, be safe and crafty!

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Happy Earth Day!


So what am I doing for Earth Day? I spruced up the front part of the house. I honestly don’t do any real planting until it gets closer to Mother’s Day. So what I did was clean up the front area a bit by trimming the dead branches and the removing the dead plants from last year out of the pots. I took some of my decorations away as well. I did leave a couple things. I am looking at it is less is more.  I am pondering to add a few things – I have some cement figures in the storage unit.  So at the moment I have a clean slate.  I did the same around the patio as well by seeing what is popping up in planting and cleaning out the dead branches, plants n leaves.  The deck I did a few days ago.

I guess you can say I am using Earth Day as a Spring cleaning day for outside!

I would love to do a big makeover, but it is not in the budget.  So the plan is use what I have and what I want to keep.  Then see if anything needs to be fixed and painted.  Which I already know there will be painting to be done on a few things that I have.  The main thing, make them look nice and the other I am recycling what I have.  I will take some before and after pictures and post them down the line to show the transformation.

Until later, Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Sunday!

Project Storage unit is slow going in phase 2. I have taken a few things out, donating some things, tossing things out n thinking why did I keep this or it was broke. It’s treasure hunt that is for sure! I found my father’s old shoe shine kit, it does need to be cleaned up […]

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Ever dreaded to do something?

Well, I can honestly say I did tackle 1 thing I was dreading to do. It is called my storage unit!  Now mind you this was a Cape Cod home that was 2 stories that I lived all my life in that I packed up and moved when I got married.  Some came to the […]

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Spray painting glass

So, out in blog land I found a few places that spray painted glass. Thought, what the heck lets try it! So I took a Snapple jar and I am spray painting as we speak. It is drying between coats. I am doing this at 8PM outside since it is still very nice out! Does not […]

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Glitter ornaments

Christmas ideas in March?

I know, I should be thinking Spring and Summer!  Although I am still catching because I was MIA for a bit.  But I am thinking cool thoughts since we have had the warmest weather I can recall in the Chicago area.  Who would have thought would be in the upper 70’s yet in the 80’s […]

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St Patricks Day banner

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Well, I did not make corn beef and cabbage.  Could not go to my favorite spot to buy it since they are no longer in business.  So we went out.  I had corn beef and cabbage and the hubby had ribs.  We went to a place called Crystal Lake Rib House in Crystal Lake.  Ribs […]

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Missing in action

Yes, I have been missing in action for a while from my blog. I started it, had computer problems. Got them fixed and I will say I lost my push.  Some where along the line, I lost a bit of my creativeness as well. I will say 2011 was not a great year on many […]

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Hello, once again!

This has not been a fun month with computers for me. I ended up getting a virus that knocked out programs to clear them and then it knocked out the Internet so I could not get updates to the other programs. Thank goodness for some friends that know what to do! Thanks Craig n Karen! […]

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tea cart

Road Kill project part 3

Hello, It has been an interesting week.   Had some computer issues, but I think I am up and running once again. Yesterday my boss was kind enough to let us work a little over a 1/2 day.  Came home went to lunch my hubby.  Came back and I thought I would play with my project.  […]

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